savini 1867.

interior and lighting design


client: savini 1867 milano

focus: concept, interior design, lighting design, product design, creative direction

savini 1867 in rome, in the ex unione militare. savini 1867 in milan, in the piazza duomo gallery.

a steel and glass lantern designed by massimiliano and doriana fuksas redesigns the urban landscape of the historic center of rome in a contemporary key: it is the building of the former military union in rome, from which to emerge to cover the panoramic terrace overlooking the dome of the basilica of saints ambrogio and carlo al corso the great 'lantern', icon of the project and heart of the intervention.

on the roof the 'lantern' touches a maximum height of about 7.50 meters from the walkable level and houses a panoramic space of about 300 square meters.

centropolis design designs for savini 1867 the panoramic space, internal and external, housed under the magical "lantern" of massimiliano and doriana fuksas.

from the viewpoints of the city, the 'lantern' flooded with natural light takes on the contours of an irregular mirror rather than a frozen lake, while at night, it lights up assuming the contours of a large lamp.

continuous floors in white carrara marble, wooden and crystal showcases covered in leather in pastel shades, seats in dark wood and pearly white fabric.

hidden and integrated light inside the display cases, to illuminate the products rigorously contained in decorated boxes covered in custom-designed fabric.

floor lamps to give atmosphere and evening reception to the main room.

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design leads: andrea castejon + centropolis design

tech leads: centropolis design vet

project management: centropolis design vet

design: andrea castejon

partners: centropolis design lux

architectural project: massimiliano e doriana fuksas

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