riva yacht lamp.

acquarama style


client: garage italia milano

focus: product design, lighting design, creative direction

material. MT - FANALE for riva's spaces in garage italia.

the material, innovative and mutated, magical and sensorial. reflection and transparency. metal and glass. the property of an innovative material combined with the aesthetical strength of light can produce an extraordinary effect. in this case, the combination of the borosilicate chromed glass and the viabizzuno's n55 illuminate the exclusive environment of the bathrooms of garage italia milano.

a customised shell made from glass is combined with the light of n55. it was created to achieve a sinuous and embracing shape, reminding the lamp of riva aquarama's motorboat. the adaptability of the borosilicate chromed glass allows to obtain the game of reflection and transparency: more luminous the light is, more trasparent the material becomes. on the other hand the less intensity of light enhances the density of the glass, making the finish reflective. a customised light was created for a user who is unique in his creaivity.

viabizzuno's n55 suspended is combined with a transparent glass diffuser hm02. the lamp with a cable hidden inside a rigid tube with a silver hacca aluminium finish, and a socket that gradually hides in the ceiling. a shell in borosilicate glass with an external finish in lucid chrome that gradually changes into a steel structure with the same finish.

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design leads: andrea castejon

tech leads: centropolis design vet + centropolis design lux

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

production: viabizzuno


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