nuvola creativa.

light as an art piece


client: garage italia milano

focus: concept, product design, lighting design, creative and art direction, production and installation

advanced technological and creative resources to face the most disparate and amazing lighting projects. this is creativity, light, progress. movement, dynamism, energy and chaos. the chaotic set tangled up different shapes and colours: 

'nuvola creativa' is a suspended installation of 1260 car models in scale 1:18, that bring back memories from the childhood, specifically from the car’s racing world. imagined by lapo elkann and michele de lucchi as an expression of a playful world, the cloud of small cars, a lighting sculpture suspended into the void, comes into life by andrea castejon with centropolis design. 'nuvola creativa' is a result of the ductility and the possibility to change the typology of the elements which compose the installation. the car is the object chosen by garage italia.

length 10,5m, maximum depth 4,2m, maximum hight 4,6m, bottom hight 2,6m, 1260 creative objects, 64 custom luminaires.

motion. MT - MINISPOT for nuvola creativa. the movement with no order, but powerful in its chaos. a starry sky of shape and colour. instead MT - MINISPOT is the hidden object designed and added inside the art installation, reaching a magical and delightful sky full of shape and colour.

the wand is made in a silver hacca aluminium. three tiny adjustable mini spotlights, with a 1W of intensity each are made with a finish in lucid iron called microman. a light fitting created by viabizzuno. this body is inserted and magnetised into the main aluminium wand. Suspended from a carbonium fibre cable.

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design leads: andrea castejon

tech leads: edoardo zarattoni + centropolis design lux

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

production: centropolis design + viabizzuno

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