merlino lamp.

magic light


client: private

focus: concept, product design, lighting design

merlino collection. merlino lamp.

collection of handmade lamps in jules verne style, in burnished brass and satin brass is designed in 3 different configurations. wall lamp with articulated arm, suspension lamp with adjustable steel cable, lantern with ground support base and socket ring.

the shape is inspired by the merlino magician's hat and is dedicated to a private, very 'magical' space.

the wall lamp and the suspension lamp are characterized by double emission, thanks to an opening it is half of the 'hat' and one at the base.

the lantern instead has a slightly more elongated shape and is characterized by triple emission, with two openings in addition to the one at the base.

technical features.

led source 2700k, dimmable from 10% to 100%. 1240lm. 10,8w. ra98. energy class a ++.

material and finish.

polished burnished brass, matt satin brass.

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design leads: andrea castejon

tech leads: centropolis design vet + centropolis design lux

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

production: centropolis design


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