marmitta lamp.

automotive shapes


client: garage italia milano

focus: product design, lighting design, creative direction

shape. MT - MARMITTA for carlo cracco restaurant in garage italia.

the aerodynamic shape. curvature and linearity, simetry and equilibrium. the evolution of car’s morphology through the years has been outstanding in terms of functionality and shape, landing into an aesthetical and aerodynamic line. the curved line is the main feature of the lamp, where the main inspiration is taken from the exhaust pipe of ferrari 250 GTO from the 60’s.

the result is a predominant lamp, with 54 pieces distributed in the first floor of the restaurant of carlo cracco. all this pieces are unified by the finish in a shaded metal with a burned effect. the feature of the light that consists on illuminating either the upper and the lower part of the space, allow to illuminate the cars positioned over the suspended polisteel track. Meanwhile in the lower side , the light goes through a little detail of perforated metal. the warm light of MT - MARMITTA, goes out from a glass cutted in 45 degree angle, giving as a result a diffuse light over the restaurant tables.

a suspended rigid frame, in a silver hacca aluminium finish. the main body is in shaded metal steel with a burned effect, curved in the top. two viabizzuno's n55 propellers are connected to the two sides of the main body, the upper part has a spot with an optic 55x37 and a steel cover, meanwhile the bottom part has an open customised glass diffuser mt01. the entire element is made from a drilled metal sheet, that allows the light to go through, without disturbing the sight of the viewer.

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design leads: andrea castejon

tech leads: centropolis design vet + centropolis design lux

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

production: viabizzuno


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