locanda gatto rosso.

red copper lamps


client: la locanda del gatto rosso

focus: product design, lighting design, creative direction

timless. material analysis. 8700 a.c. at the bases of every design there is a material analysis. copper is a material that has no time limits. it evolves and changes through ages.

original. the lantern. 500 a.c. long before the dawn of gas and electric lighting, copper was the material of choice to light up the night. while lantern was the first lamp typology created and used. viabizzuno's n55 black suspended lamp, smooth n55 propeller andmilky white hm02 glass diffuser. custome made lantern structure in two types of metal,black matt metal and a metal with a copper finish. perforated top has holes (10mm) with planes bentat 45 ° “L” shape and inclined towards the bottom. decorative tube (10mm) and a sphere (50mm) with acopper finish are attached to the bottom part.

retro. francis lamp. 1920 d.c. the most chic, cheering and life-loving time. art nouveau followed by the precious art deco, influencing arts and masterpieces of the world. styles are influenced by a rich color of brass and copper with an allusion of either what you see is a painting or an object. copper and black wall lamp, black ribbed viabizzuno's n55 propeller with atranslucent glass diffuser. custom made structure made from square-sectionedblack matt metal bars. decorative spacers, semicurved copper base and the same finish wall plane aresupporting the lamp. decorative tube (10mm) and asphere (50mm) with a copper finish are attached tothe bottom part.

modern. la bottiglia di vino rosso. 2020 d.c. in modern era copper still find its place. more neat and minimal it is balanced through shape and complemented with modern materials. viabizzuno's n55 black suspended lamp, black ribbed n55 propellerwith a black 55x37 spot optic. custom made structure with a copper finish wasobtained by welding three pieces together joining twohollow tubes of 30 and 60mm. ceiling lamp has a straight narrow 17 ° optic. it reminds the shape of wine bottle.

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design leads: andrea castejon

tech leads: centropolis design vet + centropolis design lux

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

production: viabizzuno + centropolis design lux


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