la mia coscienza.

seven deadly sins


client: private

focus: art, concept, creative direction, lighting design, product design, production and installation

true you. la mia coscienza is an art installation about seven deadly sins: seven mirrors that show the human vices.

the seven deadly sins divide the space in seven intangible rooms that put us in front of our consciousness. each ares has three mirrors in which you can find the true you, with an intimate and surreal atmosphere. antique frames welcome tridimensional mirrors that assumes different shapes according to the related sin.

an interactive installation that brings the focus on undressed human soul and shows the true self.

the seven deadly sins are those transgressions which are fatal to spiritual progress.

seven deadly sins:

1. wrath. the sense of anger is transformed into a lond narrow shape of the mirror. 

2. greed. dimonds have always been a metaphore for people that can’t have enough. thus rhombus is a shape that illustrates greed the best. 

3. envy. the feeling of constant lacking is reflected through a missing piece of the mirror. 

4. pride. the truth is an absolute and the pride requires recognition and subjection of the other, therefore it is translated into a mirror of exaggerated dimensions. 

5. glutthony. the insatiability translated into a circular and abundant form. a balloon that keeps blowing up and never stops. 

6. sloth. It manifests itself as a constant boredom and inertia in practicing any type of action, and the mirror is also a wide and narrow form laying at the bottom of the canvas. 

7. lust. a sexual pleasure that is not only completely empties the spirit of those who practice it, but also absolutly empties their victims, to express it an overflowing shape was created. 

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design leads: andrea castejon

tech leads: centropolis design vet + centropolis design lux

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

production: centropolis design + viabizzuno

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