garage italia.

architectural lighting design


client: garage italia milano

focus: lighting concept, architectural lighting design, product design, lighting creative direction

a dynamic piece of architecture that seems about to take flight is located in piazzale accursio, milan. it is made to meet the 'visionary' figures with anticipated future trends. the impact of this long-abandoned construction is recognized from distance.

lapo elkann has reinstated it as a work of architecture, open to all those curious ones, who is ready to see beyond what already exists.

michele de lucchi has created an architectural and interior design project.

andrea castejon is the author of lighting design project. the architectural light is the key factor to represent the space, the shape and moreover the colours. 

from the elegant lift in which the classical taste is translated through a smoothing green and blue velvet, and the precious leather from foglizzo 1921 one is entering the 'materioteca'. 

a place where one can customise the car, not only that it’s also a place where lighting elements (n55 and amp lens) make the colours of 'materioteca' explode all over the space. 

the quality of the light and the high colour rendering index (CRI), equal to 98, allow the chromatic richness of the colour, leather and textile samples intertwine with each other. the light becomes the source of media to share a passion of lapo elkann and his team. the passion which is transmitted during the creation and customization of cars, planes or boats.

garage italia is situated at the inside of a beautiful 50’s building.

it has a shape that extends towards an horizontal direction. it is mainly featured by curved borders and two disproportionate canopies which make the viewer think the building is about to take off. the old station agip supercortemaggiore of piazzale accursio is the perfect example of a modern streamline

since it was built in 1953, it became immediately a 'sanctuary' of cars. 

as a result of the inspiration taken from the old neon lamps, transformed in a contemporary way thanks to the use of the led technology. two split lines of lighting elements are positioned all over the perimeter of the canopies of the building, reminding the spirit and the style of the 50’s.

this specific architectural light highlights the aerodynamic shape of the building, giving a new illuminated life to the old station 'agip'. 

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design leads: andrea castejon + centropolis design

tech leads: centropolis design vet + centropolis design lux

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

partners: iguzzini, modular, viabizzuno

architectural and interior design: amdl, michele de lucchi

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