cortina airport.

architecture and interior design


client: boutique airport spa

focus: concept, architecture, interior design, lighting design, creative direction

cortina boutique airport. cortina d'ampezzo.

the materials from the area and the shape of the traditions of the place are reinterpreted to develop a re-elaborated conceptual and architectural design for the cortina boutique airport.

a pedestal coated by natural stone, blends the architectural element with the nature of the site, separated from the ground, highlights a halo of light, that renders it as a suspended object.

the main structure in iron and glass, leans against the stone pedestal, in order to give transparency and visible permeability to the object, in addition of simple features and shapes, without having a visual impact in the natural sight of the territory, and without distorting the architectural context of the site.

a metallic hip roof recalls the shapes and materials from most of the roofs from the adjacent area.

internally covered with lamellar curved wood, the interior will mainly be distinguished by its local materials, contemporary shapes, hidden light integrated into the interior architecture and technological avant-garde luminaries.

tradition in comparison with technology.

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design leads: andrea castejon + edoardo zarattoni

tech leads: centropolis design vet

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

partners: centropolis design lux

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