interior and lighting design


client: private

focus: concept, interior design, architectural lighting design, product design, creative direction

in naval style. carpathia.

the RMS carpathia was a british ocean liner of the cunard line shipping company. he became particularly famous in 1912 for rescuing the titanic castaways.

the naval-style interior project aims to recreate the atmosphere inside a large-scale luxury boat from the past.

in addition to the colors and materials, woods, velvets and metals, marine and naval depictions of sailing ships and blue seas are intentionally shown inside the outbuildings, in perfect synchrony with the mood created.

shimmering crystals and decorated glass, brass profiles and metal frames, give a touch of preciousness to the whole.

the light is also golden in its entirety.

from showy golden art deco style chandeliers with LED technology and 2700K light, to recessed spotlights with recessed emitter and inside them a gold finish that allows the light to warm the surrounding environment.

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design leads: andrea castejon + centropolis design

tech leads: centropolis design vet

project management: edoardo zarattoni

design: andrea castejon

partners: centropolis design lux

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