luxury light designed for 'the art gallery house'.


‘the art gallery house’ is a home of a fashion celebrity who is passionate about eighteenth-century art works. the gallery house is an antique building in the center of a historical part of a north-italian city. the walls are frescoed as well as the ceilings that arrive up to eight meters high. in case when the ceilings are not frescoes they are finished with the wooden beams painted and fully decorated.

the lighting design was born from the need to create a light source that can illuminate different elements at the same time and from the same installation point: the ceiling, the light diffused upwards creates a soft shadow-free lighting, thus giving value to the majestic decorated wooden structure; the framed eighteenth-century paintings hanging on the walls, focused light has a different aperture depending on the size of the paintings; the main crystal table and the low mahogany wood furniture adorned with silver and colored glass objects, soft light has a medium aperture angle that creats a game of light and shadow.

that is how a 'tessera speciale' lamp was born, made for viabizzuno thanks to the enormous ductility of n55, a ductile and adaptable light source that can be adapted to any needs. different powers, different optics, rotation joint at three hundred and sixty degree angle, and possibility of integration with the simple wall fixing structure.

technical features.

2700k led source, dimmable from 10% to 100%, dali management system.

6420lm. 70w. ra98. energy class a ++.

metal spot 35 optic, lensoptica amp150-180 in glass with metal lens cover.

material and finish.

hacca silver metal, frosted transparent glass.


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