gold and glass chandelier for 'gergeti street hotel'.


gold and glass chandelier is designed for the restaurant room located on the roof top on the seventh floor of the gergeti street hotel, in georgia.

the project was born from the desire to create a large chandelier, positioned above the round bar counter, which would remind the main element of the drink: the glass.

diffuser glasses were designed in the shape of cocktail glasses, wine glasses, low and high, small carafes and bitter glasses, all integrated and fixed to the top of the cylindrical lighting element. each lighting fixture is held together by a thin double curved brass plate, which internally contains the electrical wiring.

the chandelier anchoring elements to the ceiling and suspension are empty round-section brass tubes, covered in the upper part in walnut wood, to give continuity to the ceiling, also in wood.

technical features.

2700k led source, dimmable from 10% to 100%, dali management system. 24800lm. 216W. ra98. energy class a ++.

material and finish.

warm silver, transparent glass, walnut wood, matt burnished brass.


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