caucasus origin of the light for 'telavi hotel'.


In the heart of eastern georgia there is telavi, an ancient city rich in history and tradition. the new project, by michele de lucchi, is a majestic hotel of glass and wood that stands on a promontory of the city, finds its place in this ancient city. a complex wooden structure surrounds the building, with a horseshoe shape that hides the heart of the building and that is the court.

the lighting project, by centropolis design, wants to act on two fronts:

the perimeter façade is illuminated with a cold color temperature, 4000K, while the internal façade is enhanced with a warmer temperature, 3000K. an introverted building that hides a heart with a warmer atmosphere. the project is focused on the architectural elements, avoiding any decorative lamp. its main intention is to hide the source of light and to enhance the design with illumination. illumination that is coming from nowhere but creating a curious game of ‘light and shadow’.

it is highlighting the edges and smoothing the corners, breaking through the areas and bringing the focus on what’s important. the light is integrated into the architecture. no light source is visible and the installation is the light itself.


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